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Our Story

Underground Retreats started unofficially in 2021 when I invited a bunch of friends to get together to make music - I never had the chance to collab that much in person & I thought this would be the perfect way to do it. 


A bunch of my friends all agreed to pitch in on a big AirBNB and make music for a week.


During that trip, I made a Tiktok video about it and overnight it had 600,000 plays 🤯


Tons of people started asking me questions such as "how can I come?", "are you doing this again?", and lots of other positive feedback about the concept.


I quickly decided it was time to plan another trip and invite a bunch of the strangers from TikTok to see how it would go...


and it went better than I could have ever hoped.


We had a small group of 20 people at the house and made some of the best music of our lives, built some friendships that are still here to this day, and created a week that we would never forget.


After hosting these retreats a lot more over the next couple years, I decided it was time to make the brand official & start making moves as a group.


Thus, on April 29, 2023, UNDERGROUND RETREATS was born.


Since then we have hosted retreats consistently every 3 months in various locations, met some incredibly talented creatives, and started releasing music under the name UNDERGROUND RETREATS on all platforms.


The talent, connections, opportunities, and sense of community at UGR is unbelievable, and we would love to have YOU on board. 🫵


Thank you for reading about our journey, and we hope to hear from you soon.



-Stafford Beats, Founder and CEO of Underground Retreats



What to Expect at an Underground Retreat

Collaborate on an Album as a Group

Every time we host a public retreat, we create & release an album as a group. Throughout the week, you'll have the opportunity to submit songs you create at the retreat to be part of our legendary collab albums. You don't need to be part of the album, but we highly encourage it! 

Learn from Industry Guest Speakers

During your stay, we will have various guest speakers and classes lined up to teach your about a number of topics, including sync licensing, becoming a full time creative, mastering short form content, getting industry connections, and more. Each retreat will have different classes & speakers depending on availability. 

Develop Long-Lasting Relationships with other Creatives

One of the best parts of these retreats is the relationships you build up with the other attendees. Most of your time will be spent collaborating and talking to other creatives, which can lead to some incredible friendships & partnerships - teamwork is one of the most important aspects to establishing yourself in the industry. 

Submit Beats & Songs for Major Opportunities

Send in some of your best work for exclusive pack requests that we get from industry producers, artists, A&Rs and managers. These opportunities include shopping your songs around to mainstream artists, getting beats to chart-topping studios, and more! Occasionally, we will also recieve packs from top producers to use at the retreat. 

Showcase Your Music at Listening Parties

During each night (except for the arrival day) we host listening parties - one of the most fun aspects about our retreats. Everyone gathers to one spot in the venue and has the opportunity to showcase what they worked on that day. 

Work on Visuals, Create Content, & more!

Videographers and photographers will work together with artists on music videos, visuals, photoshoots, and more. Anyone that's creative is invited!

📍Upcoming Events:


September 16-23 in Orlando, FL



Early December (Exact Dates TBA) in Atlanta, GA



September 2025 in Scotland, UK



What Our Past Attendees Say

Frequently asked questions

What Equipment Do I Need to Bring?

While it isn't required for you to bring any equipment, we highly encourage bringing a setup if you have it. The more laptops & mics we have to use, the more music we can make! If you don't have any equipment, don't stress.

What is Included in my Ticket?

For most of our events, the ticket covers your place to stay as well as admission into the retreat. Travel and food are NOT included.

How Many Followers do I Need in Order to Attend?

Numbers are irrelevant at UGR! Whether you have 1 follower or 1,000,000, we will welcome you with open arms.

What Genres is This Event for? Is it only for Musicians?

All genres and creatives are welcome to UGR. We highly encourage creatives that aren't in the music space to attend as well! In the past we have had videographers, photographers, models, digital artists, creative directors, tattoo artists, and more.

I'm a Female. What Extra Steps do you Take to Ensure my Safety?

We understand concern towards this matter and make it a point to make sure you are safe and comfortable throughout your stay at UGR. All female attendees are guaranteed either their own room or a room with only other females. If at ANY point during your stay you feel uncomfortable in any way, let your host know and we will make sure you're good.



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