protocol.drmsby @prodbyflames is not your average drum kit. 

It's a portal to a bygone era, where drummers weren't afraid to shatter expectations and redefine the rhythm.

This collection of handcrafted, non-trap sounds is an invitation to ignite your creativity and push the boundaries of your sonic palette.

Born from meticulous patience, my process begins with deep dives into the past, letting my ears become vessels for forgotten grooves. Nature walks that stretch for hours, intimate sessions with instruments, and a relentless exploration of sonic textures all contribute to the unique alchemy that is protocol.drms.

It's time to break free from the shackles of what's trending and rediscover the joy of creating for the sheer love of sound. My 2000s influences and unwavering vision collide in this kit, a testament to the power of channeling your own artistic spirit.

Echoes of Kanye's Yeezus, the undeniable imprint of Timbaland, and the infectious grooves of theNeptunes– these are just whispers of the sonic tapestry woven intoprotocol.drms.

This isn't just a drum kit; it's a journey of self-discovery. Craft beats that resonate with your soul, not just the charts. Explore the depths of your creativity and unearth the producer within.

Technical Specs


• 100 OneShots
• 10 Drumbreaks,PercLoops,andToms
• Bonus Loops, Chops, and Samples



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