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AI Mastering

Master any song or beat with ease.

Spotify Reference AI Mastering Screenshot

Choose Any Reference Master

After uploading, you can search for any song or artist that exists on Spotify. Spotify provides hyper-specific sub-genre info that is fed into our mastering algorithm. 

Your song gets mastered differently depending on what sub-genres the selected reference contains. 

Try Before You Buy - AI Mastering

Try Before You Buy

Listen to a free preview of your master before choosing to download the full file. Easily toggle between before and after versions. 

The free preview is 40% of your song's length

Try Before You Buy - AI Mastering

High Quality Downloads

You'll receive a high quality 24-bit 44.1 KHz WAV file, in addition to an easy-to-share mp3 file


"An amazing experience with this program. Its a great way to master your songs fast. I’m telling you try it you’re not gonna be disappointed."

"It worked great for me! Easy and fast, I would definitely recommend!"

"I could not be more pleased with the results.  I highly recommend for any mastering needs – they offer great quality at a fair price"


How does the AI Mastering work?

Spotify provides sub-genre data about the reference master you chose, and our algorithm masters according to the sub-genre. An appropriate stereo image, frequency response, and loudness are used according to which sub-genre's your reference has.

How are files delivered?

Your files will automatically be downloaded to your device after payment, as well as emailed to you. You will receive an MP3 and 24-bit WAV file.

Will this steal my song?

No. You retain all rights to your song. Your song may be used to improve our mastering engine. We will never use your data to create AI generated music.

What should I upload?

Our AI mastering can handle any type of audio or video file. For best results, upload a WAV file that has not been mastered yet.

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