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Upcoming Retreat:

September 16-23, 2024

Orlando, Florida

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What is an Underground Retreat?

An Underground Retreat an in-person, collaborative event where several artists, producers, recording engineers, and other creative-minded individuals come together to work on music, network, and relax.

Everyone who comes is encouraged to bring their own equipment (laptop, speakers, microphone, etc.). During the event, everyone who attends will be given the opportunity to create and showcase their music.


Check out the documentary we made about the events. 


The Underground Retreats Story

For nearly 3 years, we have been hosting events for musicians in various locations.

We started with a simple goal of bringing some friends together to make music. During and after the peak of COVID-19, people didn't seem to be working together in-person anymore.

After putting together a couple smaller group sessions between friends, we wanted to expand and get more people involved.


We have now hosted more than 15 events and plan on holding a new one every 3 months.

We cant wait to see you there!

The Venues

We host our retreats at varying houses depending on group size and date.

The Orlando venues are massive houses with anywhere from 12-18 bedrooms, and all come with a pool and a hot tub.

Upcoming Event Info


September 16-23, 2024


Orlando, Florida


18+ Only.
Anyone that brings positive energy and wants to collaborate can attend!

Ticket Cost

U$ 500

Contact @staffordbeats To Get In Now: 

 I Want To Join This Retreat!

Future Retreats

Here Are Our Top Future Retreats


December 2024


September 2025

*Will be hosted in a castle!

More information coming soon!

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What equipment should I bring?

Anything you feel comfortable taking! It's highly encouraged to bring a laptop at least, but the more the better.

What if I don't have any of my own equipment?

Not a problem! Most people attending will bring a setup, so it's all the more reason to work with other people.

Does my ticket include travel?

No. Since everyone's travel is different, that is not something we cover.

Do I have to have a certain number of followers to attend?

Not at all! We welcome everyone with open arms.

If you're new to music or don't have a large following, this is a great opportunity to learn from others. If you do have a large following or are experienced with music, you have the chance to teach others and lock in & get a lot of music done!

With the Day&Night Ticket, do I get my own room?

The Day&Night ticket guarantees you a bed, but not an entire room to yourself. We host these events with AirBNB, so often times bedrooms will have 2-3 beds per room.

*FOR ANY FEMALE ATTENDEES: All female attendees are guaranteed either their own room or a room with only other females.

Is this event for only Rap music?

Not at all! Any and all genres are welcome.

There is typically a good variety of genres at the retreats, so you will often times be presented with the opportunity to expand your own music to blend with other genres. Come with an open mind!

I'm a female, what steps do you take to ensure my safety?

All female attendees are guaranteed either their own room or a room with only other females.

How can I see who else is coming?

Once you purchase your ticket, we will put you in our Instagram group chat so you can get to know everyone before the retreat.

When we get closer to the event, we will also make a collaborative Spotify playlist for you to showcase your music!

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