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Article: The Best Analog Lab V Banks in 2024

The Best Analog Lab V Banks in 2024

The Best Analog Lab V Banks in 2024

Analog Lab V is a plugin created by Arturia that has been at the top of the list for producers for a couple years now. Ever since it got popular, everyone has been using it to add some sauce to their beats. 

What a lot of producers don't realize at first when they dive into Analog Lab V for the first time is that the custom presets are what make the plugin so powerful. The sound design capabilities are incredible, but it can be a pretty complex process.

Sometimes the best way to get the sounds you need is to grab some presets so you can use your time making beats rather than messing with a single sound for hours.


Here is our list of the top 5 Analog Lab V Banks you can download right now:


#5 - ANTECEDENT by @oh2uu and @bypxr 

This kit is full of experimental sounds that create unique atmospheres. This bank is one of the best of its kind for creating vintage samples like Coop the Truth and Nami. 

#4 - MAZE by @KXDET1

This bank will provide you essential sounds to easily cook dark/vintage melodies in the styles of Cubeatz, Metro Boomin, Mike Dean, OZ, 808 Mafia members as well as other trap variations as Hyperpop and RnB. 

#3 - SOULFUL Vol. 3 by @markkaylin_

This kit contains 30 beautiful soulful presets for Analog Lab V as well as 74 Samples, some melody MIDI, and a handful of drum breaks. This is the perfect addition to your hard drive if you're a producer that likes to make highly-emotional and motivational soul-sounding beats. 


This bank has everything you need to create west coast beats using synth leads, synth basses, keys, pianos, e-pianos, synths, bells, pads, and flutes. IIInfinite created some real magic with this one!

#1 - BLACKLIGHT by @the44thfloor

Blacklight is a long-standing favorite kit for me. I always find myself going back to it because of its compelling sounds and incredible textures. If all my packs got deleted and I could only pick one to keep, it would be this one without a doubt. Each preset in this is modeled & sampled out of rare vintage gear that's hard to come across, making these some of the most valuable presets you can have.


That wraps up The Producer Crate's top 5 Analog Lab V Banks list. If you want to check out more Analog Lab V Banks, click here

-Stafford @ The Producer Crate


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