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Article: The Best Drum Kits for Trap Beats in 2023 (Free and Paid)

The Best Drum Kits for Trap Beats in 2023 (Free and Paid)

The Best Drum Kits for Trap Beats in 2023 (Free and Paid)

The right drums mean everything in 2023. Getting placements, beat sales, and recognition starts with top-tier beats, and if you aren't using the right kits you're holding yourself back. Keeping up with trends and waves is one of our biggest priorities. We work closely with Grammy-nominated & chart-topping producers and pay attention to what they use so we can share their processes.

That being said, here are the top 5 drumkits to be using in your trap beats right now:

5. Industry Standard Trap Drumkit (Free Version Available)

Industry Standard Trap Drumkit

"Industry Standard Trap Drumkit" is a collection of the most commonly used drum sounds in trap beats. If you're a beginner to making beats, this kit is a great budget option to kickstart your career. It's available for $10 and has a free demo version available.

You can find the kit here:


4. Sauce Portal Drumkit

Sauce Portal Drumkit Dawizvrd

"Sauce Portal Drumkit" is a unique trap drum kit by @dawizvrd. Dawizvrd is one of the most impressive up-and-coming sound designers right now, creating new sounds that work well with modern trap beats. If you like making hard-hitting beats with crispy drums, this is the kit for you.

Get Sauce Portal Drumkit here:


3. Community Crate Multi-Kit Vol 1 (FREE)

"Community Crate Multikit Vol. 1" is a multi-kit that comes with a drum kit as well as several other kits (FREE). This is a must-have because of all the different elements it comes with. 

You can grab it here:


2. ATL Culture: The Trilogy (Free Version Available)

ATL Culture Trilogy

"ATL Culture: The Trilogy" is one of the most-used drumkits in the trap music scene right now. It comes with a drum kit, loop pack, and oneshot kit (but you can get the drumkit separately). This kit includes everything you need to make super clean trap beats as well as a sounds for a genre rising quickly in popularity - Supertrap. ATL Culture has a free demo available so you can check out a handful of the sounds from it.

Grab ATL Culture here:




"DISTRA 2" is one of the most innovative drum kits of this generation, and it more than deserves our #1 spot for the best trap drum kits. It's a collaboration between Dawizvrd and DB, with a few sounds designed by various creators in the community. There is a reason it's one of the highest selling drumkits out right now. DISTRA 2 is an essential piece in every producer's drumkits folder. 

With over one thousand sounds, you'll never run into beat block or have a problem finding the right 808 for the job. It contains a massive drumkit, several VST banks, oneshots, MIDI, and more.

Grab DISTRA 2 here:


That wraps up our list for the best trap drum kits of 2023. Good luck on your beat making journey!

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