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Chakras is a Multi-Kit designed specifically for sample makers and producers.

This kit allows you to stay creative with high quality sounds designed by @robert6beats and @theisaac98.

These sounds are all time stretched and labeled with the correct keys. The analog lab and portal banks allow you to create new melodies and sound design with unique hand picked instruments and effects all made from scratch.

Manipulate the phrases and accents or leave as is. This Multi-Kit is 100% royalty free to do with what you want.

The FL Studio color themes are a great way to keep the creative juices flowing. People will wonder how you got them and want to know where to find them. This will allow you to stand out while your at cook ups at the studio or while live streaming online.

This whole kit has been carefully crafted for professional producers by professional producers. Now this doesn't mean beginners can't use it.

Level up your sounds instantly and get one step closer to your desired outcomes whatever they may be. This kit will help!

This Multi-Kit includes:


  • 40 unique phrases
  • 40 unique accents
  • 20 portal presets
  • 20 analog lab presets
  • 20 FL Studio Themes (colored skins)
  • (instructions included on how to install, very easy)
  • 100% Royalty Free!

Go Crazy!
CHAKRAS (MULTI-KIT) Sale price$40.00

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Need a Vol. 2 but w drum midi too