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COLORS 01 Oneshot Kit (Unique, Analog)

Sale price$49.99

A collection of Cryptic's favorite sounds (308 in total).

"I love using for my own samples, created with various synthesizers (moog grandmother & matriarch, prophet rev2, OP-1 & udo super 6), different real instruments such as guitars (electric + acoustic), mandolin, kalimba & violin and digital + real soundsources. all the sounds are processed with guitar pedals like thermae by chase bliss audio, strymon deco, microcosm, etc. + various high quality plugins.

I put a lot of work & thoughts into this kit to make it an "all you need" pack when it comes to making samples in a creative way.

 Since colors is my first one-shot kit, I tried to come up with some unique & innovative ideas. Texturized pads, earcandy synths, soundbites (microloops) & fx from another dimension make this kit something truly special. It can be used for all kinds of productions ranging from trap to R&B to cinematic soundscapes. get your canvas ready and use these colors to create the sound of tomorrow!" -Cryptic


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-19 basses
-23 fx
-29 pads
-44 plucks + synths
-67 guitars + strings
-24 percussion one-shots
-21 textures
-11 percussion loops
-15 keys
-45 soundbites
-11 vocal loops


COLORS 01 Oneshot Kit (Unique, Analog)
COLORS 01 Oneshot Kit (Unique, Analog) Sale price$49.99
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