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High Standard Live Drum Bundle

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Save when you bundle Racks Stevenson's two best-selling drum packs. These packs were designed for producers looking to add live, high-fidelity drums to their productions. Both packs include a ton of high-quality drum breaks, fills, and patterns in a variety of mix styles. Both collections were recorded using old-school mic techniques and vintage preamps to add warmth and body to each recording. You’ll find everything from clean, raw recordings to distorted, crunchy mixdowns so that you can choose what works best for your composition.

-239 files with 59 original drum breaks & patterns- each has its own 'dynamic' and 'heavy compression' mix - the "Vol. I" kit has quantized and original mixes - "Vol. II" has dirty and clean mixes
-Stems Available when the "Full Pack (with stems)" option is selected. This option includes 700+ raw drum mic recordings of each break (kick out, kick in, room, mono, far, hat, overhead, ride, two toms, three snares, and snare bottom)
-Full Recordings, not just loops. Includes intros, fills, and beat changes so sections can be cut and looped or sampled as desired. Each sample is aligned with grid for given tempos
-50 original oneshots, including kicks, snares, hats, and toms (part of Vol. II)
-Tempo information included
-100% royalty-free with no clearance required, no matter where it gets placed.

Compatible with all DAWs + instant download


High Standard Live Drum Bundle
High Standard Live Drum Bundle Sale price$42.95 Regular price$49.90