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POLYCHROME Creative Drumkit

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cryptic proudly presents:

POLYCHROME - a creative drumkit.

there are two versions available:


STANDARD - featuring the main drumkit with 141 sounds. (no drum- and hi-hat-loops included)


DELUXE - featuring the main kit + 15 exclusive drumloops + 5 hi-hat loops.

the main kit is divided into three folders;


lowend - featuring unique 808 + bass sounds, kicks you never heard before and spicy tom’s (that can be used as 808s aswell..), this section builds the foundation of your project.


  • 12 808’s - 4 basses - 10 kicks - 10 toms


midend - featuring your new go-to claps, the best rimshots, otherworldly snares and the weirdest earcandy percussion sounds ever, this section has everything you’ll need to take your productions to the next level.

(don’t let the name fool you, there is definitely NO mid in here)


  • 8 claps - 10 rimshots - 1 snap - 17 snares - 35 percussion one-shots


highend - featuring crispy & sharp hi-hats + open-hats, this section is responsible for the bounce. no explanation needed.


  • 22 hi-hats - 8 open-hats


the deluxe version also contains a bonus folder with 15 drumloops + 5 hi-hat loops that you can just drag & drop into your DAW. if you really want to take things to the next level, feel free to chop and manipulate them to your own liking :) (there are so many cool sounds, pockets and earcandy in these loops - you just gotta find them..)



"the drumloops + hi-hat loops are 100% royalty free! this means you could use them for your own songs, beats, placements, etc without paying me any extra fees or shares. however if you used them and it makes up a big part of the production i’d ask to give me proper co-production credit. these loops took a lot of creativity and love to make so please respect the art." -cryptic

POLYCHROME Creative Drumkit
POLYCHROME Creative Drumkit Sale price$29.99


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